Essential oils have been mentioned in the very ancient literature. These oils were used in the days long back in the Egyptian civilization. They were also being used in the ancient India, Rome, etc. The essential oils were generally used as a source of perfume in the ancient days. The Egyptians had big machines for extracting the Essential oils. As they were used in various other purposes and were dear to afford, the essential oils were also called as ‘Precious oils’ in the ancient days. Their use in religious rituals also assigned them the name of ‘sacred oils’. However, the essential oils name exists now.

The essential oils can help in the cure of anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory problems, headaches, insomnia, etc. They sometimes show an unbelievably fast action. This is because they can easily enter through the skin and even through the cell membranes into the cells. One of the most important uses of some essential oils is that they improve the body immunity.

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