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Help for Hair with Hepatitis C

      • Good Food – Your hair is a reflection of your overall nutritional health. If you are getting enough vitamins and protein, it can help to strengthen your hair. Try drinking a protein shake with some vitamins to promote your overall health.
      • Shampoo and Conditioners – Many products claim to help reduce hair loss. I tried a few different brands while on treatment. Some of them seemed to work, but in the long run it was too expensive. I stuck with one brand and tried not to shampoo too often. I felt that the pulling and blow drying made my hair more fragile. Some are designed to “thicken” your hair, and they kind of felt gummy. I was pretty sick.
      • Colors and Treatments – Some doctors will advise that a person with advanced cirrhosis only use natural coloring products. I went ahead and treated the root area, but not very frequently during treatment. I still do. I am careful and use a fan to keep the air moving so that the fumes are not so strong.
      • Satin Pillowcases – This was one of my best buys while treating for hep C. With your head resting on a slick surface, there is not as much friction. Less hair seemed to fall out.
      • Wigs – Yes, I even wore a wig for several months. The HCV treatments had harsh side effects then. The hair loss was extreme and yes… very scary. A wig seemed itchy during the summer, but helped me keep up appearances at work.
      • Hat or Scarf – Putting on a stylish hat can help to cover up any evidence or dry or brittle hair. A ball cap is always in style and can look cool too. There are some really nice scarves that can be found at any discount store. They can serve as a camouflage also.

In the end, hair grows. Our body heals. As new cells begin to develop, hair, nails, muscles, and strength all return. Scary hair can be a part of hepatitis C, but we can feel strong and beautiful just to be alive

!By Karen Hoyt—March 17, 2017 

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